Scott Rhodes, Host - Classic Roads with Scott Rhodes
(As told by Scott in 3rd person)

Raised on oldies from the 60s, Scott's love for rock 'n' roll really took off in the early 70s. The birth of FM radio and album oriented rock coincided with this occurrence. Credit mostly Deep Purple's Machine Head album and his brother's use of incense. That promo you hear? "It's the music that was playing when your brother was burning incense." That really happened!

The stadium and arena rock era was at it's peak in Kansas City, Scott's hometown (he's actually a suburbanite but that's another story,) in the late 70s as he was graduating high school. If anyone remembers the last stadium show at Royals Stadium, when REO Speedwagon headlined and was playing Ridin' The Storm Out while tornado sirens blared (no shit...real storm)...that happened two days after Scott turned 18. Yes, he was there.

Van Halen opening for Journey at Memorial Hall; AC DC at the Uptown Theater; ELO's Out of the Blue Tour at Kemper; Hagar, The Cars, Heart and Nugent at Arrowhead.

Well, you get the picture.

His radio career started at Emporia (KS) State University in a small studio that was actually a converted dorm room. Ridin' The New Wave with Rhode Trip was the most listened to show on KRHA for 2 years. (OK, that's complete bullshit. We had no idea how many people were listening until we got the station booted off the sound system in the dining hall. Again, another story.)

After a learning filled experience in Lawrence (4 years as a DJ) the news and public affairs side of broadcasting called. For almost two decades, Scott was an award winning radio and television anchor/reporter.

Included in this time was his second stint away at college at age 30 and the eye opening trip that is divorce. Working the news side of the house, Scott got to relive the glory of his DJ days while hanging out in K-State's Aggieville with the rock jocks on the other side of the glass. College Rock or Alternative were the flavors of the day. Scott found it a nice compliment to Classic Rock.

But, alas, it just wasn't enough.

Internet radio offered the opportunity to scratch the itch and Scott took advantage. Classic Roads with Scott Rhodes was born and the old, smoke filled room days of album rock were reborn.

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"Big Daddy" Don Bagley - Host, Rockin' Country Cafe
by Scott Rhodes (with contributions from Don)

When I was looking to diversify ("Catch Phrase") the music on Rockin' Planet Radio, I recalled growing up in the great state of Kansas. It was inevitable that one would come across a girl you liked who liked country music. Being a rocker myself, I had to find some way to like country or dating options were limited. I latched on to what we called crossover country or country rock.

That's where Don comes in. After rekindling our friendship at our high school reunion I discovered Don had a penchant for music, liked country rock and was DJ'ing parties. Add that to Don's unfulfilled dream of being a radio DJ and you've got the Rockin' Country Cafe!

To say Don is excited about doing the show would be an understatement. He's even let me stick the "Big Daddy" tag on him, though reluctantly. (It just popped into my head one day. We'll see if it sticks.)

A little more about Don:

Birthday: Yes, I have one, thank you very much. I accept Money Orders and as always, Ca$h. New this year: I will also accept travel vouchers to any beach destination.

(Scott says: Let's just say I'm not the oldest guy on the air staff anymore.)

Origin Story: I was born in Fayetteville Arkansas as a college baby (Woo Pig Sooey), was raised and grew up in Olathe KS and no I wasn't raised on a wheat farm contrary to popular opinion. Graduated from the best high school in the country Olathe High where I met and married my sweetheart.

(Scott: GO EAGLES!)

Bucket List: To sit down in a bar having a beer playing guitar with any of my favorite singer/songwriters and the list is too big to print here.

Embarrassing moment behind a mic: I once took a swig of Coke literally 3 seconds before I turned on the mic and about half-way thru introducing a bride and groom; I let out the worst belch imaginable.

(Scott: Tune in to the Rockin' Country Cafe for more of Don's embarrassing moments.)

3 Facts about me: I put my family and friends above most anything, I love to read, and I love to cook

Hobbies: Competition BBQ, catering, baseball, and of course music

(Scott: Now, if only the Royals would start winning, our tailgates will be much more pleasant.)

Fav Movie: Anything with sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and of course anything that makes me laugh

Fav Book: Anything with sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and of course anything that makes me laugh

Fav Websites: I'll probably be fired if I DON'T say also

(Scott: Damn skippy, rookie...)

Fav Vacation: Anywhere that I can put my toes in the water and my ass in the sand

Radio Story: Once upon a time, there was this little boy who talked way too much…

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Liz McLain
Music Director/Live Contributor

I was born and raised in Kansas listening to the old icons of country music.  Sometime in the 80s, I changed my ways and fell in love with British rock/pop and hair metal.  I am still in love with 80s music and hair metal.

I worked with Scott in college at a radio station and we have been close friends ever since-I was even best man at his wedding.  I have close to 15 years of various radio experience including working for stations that specialized in talk, rock, and pop.  The only thing that I love almost as much as music are my beloved Chicago Cubs.

I travel all over the US for my "real" job so I don't get to be on the air often. You can catch me on the occasional live show and every once in a while on a specialty show that I like to call Rock Candy. 

I know more than I should about rock music and I enjoy showing off my knowledge with anyone who cares to listen.  It is for this reason that Scott saw fit to name me Music Director of Rockin' Planet Radio and I am constantly working to make sure you love what you hear. 

Welcome to Rockin' Planet Radio!

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